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Nursing school does not adequately prepare nurses to take on the challenges of caring for critically ill patients.


Confident Care Academy exists to provide education & community support every step of the way from the ICU to CRNA school. 


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Chrissy Massaro

Chrissy is a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist with five years of experience as a CRNA and nine years total as a Registered Nurse.

Chrissy’s first job was in the Cardiovascular ICU at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. Although there were many brilliant nurses, doctors, and APPs who trained her to become a competent ICU nurse, she felt completely unprepared by her nursing training for the high level of acuity and high standards that she encountered there.

Chrissy was frustrated by the fact that there were very few resources available to study at home that were designed to help new grad ICU nurses “connect the dots.” She combed through the internet and textbooks in her spare time, but found that most resources were geared towards physicians.

When she got to CRNA school, every day that she sat in pathophysiology lecture she kept thinking to herself “I wish I knew this as an ICU nurse.” Chrissy has had a passion for education ever since: that’s where the idea for Confident Care Academy was born!

Anna Jobe

Anna is a current Resident Registered Nurse Anesthetist and Registered Nurse with three years of ICU experience.

Anna’s first job was in the Cardiovascular ICU at John’s Hopkins University Hospital. Although Anna received a thorough orientation with amazing preceptors, she was only off of orientation for three months when the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

Anna was working in the COVID-19 ECMO unit when one day she looked around and realized that the entire row was staffed with only new grad nurses. As patients flooded the unit, Anna had to navigate team nursing (3-4 patients shared between an ICU nurse and a med-surg nurse) as well as supply shortages.

Anna didn’t initially plan to travel nurse, but after navigating such challenging conditions in her home hospital, she knew she could adapt to challenging conditions in other facilities as well. After 13 months on her home unit, Anna took her first travel assignment in the LA COVID-19 surge of 2020-2021. Since then, Anna has worked 6 travel assignments in a variety of ICUs around the country and started CRNA school.

Anna’s experience encountering a steep learning curve with limited resources fueled her desire to educate and empower ICU nurses so that they no one has to feel the way she did again

Kate Freedman
Guest Lecturer

Kate is a compassionate and dedicated pediatric CRNA. She earned her master’s in nurse anesthesia from Villanova University in 2018. Upon graduation, she began working as a CRNA at Boston Children’s Hospital where she cared for both healthy and medically complex children across a multitude of surgical subspecialties, including the cardiac cath lab. 

Kate began her nursing career at Cooper University Hospital in the adult MICU/SICU. She gained invaluable experience as an adult ICU nurse before following her passion for pediatrics and joining the pediatric CICU at CHOP. Kate worked in the CICU at CHOP for 2 years before starting her anesthesia program at Villanova University. She feels that the combination of the autonomy of the adult ICU and the meticulousness of the pediatric CICU prepared her to be the best CRNA she could be.

After 4 years at Boston Children’s Hospital, Kate moved back to the Philadelphia area to be closer to family. She continues to work exclusively as a pediatric CRNA and has recently begun development of a Pediatric CRNA Fellowship at her hospital. She is actively engaged in mentorship of the next generation of CRNAs and is a co-clinical coordinator for the student nurse anesthetists. She is thrilled to be part of Confident Care Academy and share her knowledge with like minded learners.

The Confident Care Academy Team

Anna Ancheta

Anna Ancheta has a 15 year background as a medical technologist in the microbiology lab. Since 2020, she has worked as an online business manager, systems strategist and consultant. At Confident Care Academy, Anna has built and managed a team optimized for multi-platform engagement to serve this community of nurses.

Jamie Layman

Jamie Layman has a 13 year background working in women's health. Since 2019, she has shifted to working in the digital world as a virtual assistant. Through her clients, she is able to help protect their energy by taking admin and creative tasks and excelling with them. She loves using her medical background and VA experience with Confident Care Academy.

Sibyl Vinas

Sibyl Vinas completed her nursing education at Towson University and began her nursing career working in high-risk OB at Johns Hopkins. After >5 years of high-risk OB nursing, Sibyl began working as a travel nurse in 2021. While working as a travel nurse, Sibyl amassed a following of over 180k followers between Tiktok & Instagram, and she has joined the Confident Care Academy team as a social media consultant.