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"You've made these drugs and their cellular involvement so much easier to understand"

I just wanted to let you know that coming across your pharm lectures during my CRNA interview prep has been a GODSEND. I was getting a little overwhelmed today by trying to understand the receptors by myself, and it randomly came to mind that I should peruse around CCA and watch a pharm lecture! Best decision ever. I'm now on lecture number seven tonight because you've made these drugs and their cellular involvement so much easier to understand. You guys have a crazy amazing GIFT for teaching and have brought so much JOY in the stressful times of prepping for interviews. Thank you!!!!



"I can't explain how much CCA helped me prepare for my interview."

I just got accepted into my top choice CRNA program. I can't explain how much CCA helped me prepare for my interview. I would listen to the pharmacology lectures on my way to and from work. One of the questions I was asked in my interview was "tell me everything you know about phenylephrine". I was able to explain everything down to the cellular level because of CCA. When I mentioned phospholipase C, inositol 1,4,5-triphosphate, and diacylglycerol, their jaws dropped. This membership has taught me so much and has helped separate me from the other candidates. I just wanted to say this to motivate everyone else that is applying or going for interviews soon. Good luck and you've got this!

CCA Member


"I GET the Processes"

You two are literally helping me become such a strong nurse. I get a lot of compliments from the nurses I've been working with because I GET the processes. I had a patient with a patent foramen ovale this week and knew she needed bubble precautions because of the peds lecture I listened to literally on the way to my practicum that morning.

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"I Cannot Stress How INNOVATIVE It Is!"

Like most of your followers, I'm sure, I'm an RN ~grinding~ for that CRNA life haha. So I JUMPED at the chance to learn from you and Anna with CCA! I loooove it and I cannot stress how helpful and innovative it is. It really lives up to the name Confident Care Academy and it makes me feel better about treating my patients with every lecture.

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"I Was Able to Advocate for My Patient!"

I wanted to send a sincere thank you to you for creating CCA. Had my first preceptorship shift yesterday, and I was able to: advocate for my patient to get appropriate pain control, explain to my preceptor, how exactly different vasopressors work (so cool to be able to teach my preceptor something too!), ask for another pressor based on the patient's condition, perform safety checks with zero prompting from my preceptor, perform an assessment with more confidence, overall feel more confident throughout the shift. I know I still have a lot to learn, but thank you both for making a generally stressful experience a little less so, and helping us baby nurses be better nurses. Ya'll are doing the Lord's work. Thank you for all that you do!

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It’s no secret the transitions into critical and anesthesia have steep learning curves. So steep, in fact, it feels like a 90 degree angle. We designed Confident Care Academy to provide everything you need to cut the learning curve by:

Equipping you with knowledge: Access a lecture library that’s simple enough for a new graduate nurse to understand, but in depth enough to prepare you for the demands of graduate school.

Community support: Connect with nurses just like you who are excited to cheer you on.

Mentorship: Get your questions answered from experts who have been on the same exact journey you are.
The best time to start becoming an expert is day one of your career journey. The second best time is today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?
Confident Care Academy is for critical care nurses and aspiring CRNAs who are ready to overcome imposter syndrome by taking their clinical expertise to the next level.

How does it work?
The CCA membership includes an ever growing library of in-depth lectures, support from a community of like minded nurses, and weekly live sessions for mentorship from people who have been exactly where you are.

What makes CCA different?
CCA is a comprehensive resource taught at the graduate school level so that you get the FULL story behind everything we do instead watered down shortcuts.

Can I get this reimbursed?
CCA is an accredited provider of Continuing Education from the California Board of Nursing, which is accepted in all 50 states. If your unit pays for continuing education, your annual CCA subscription is eligible for reimbursement.

Who hosts CCA?
CCA is hosted by Chrissy Massaro, a nurse anesthetist since 2017 and former cardiac surgery ICU nurse and Anna Jobe, a nurse anesthesiology resident and former travel and CVICU nurse since 2019.

Is this for me?
No matter where you are in your journey, our goal is to help you become confident in your care. Can’t wait to see you there!


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