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A comprehensive online resource for critical care nurses and future CRNAs

Why Confident Care Academy

Nursing school does not adequately prepare nurses to take on the challenges of caring for critically ill patients. 

Confident Care Academy is an ongoing membership designed to give you the education, mentorship, and support you need every step of the way from the ICU to CRNA school. 

Who is this for?

Is Confident Care Academy for you? Let's find out!

Critical Care Nurses

Experienced ICU nurse who wants to dig deeper? New ICU nurse who wants to understand WHY? The Confident Care Academy Membership is for you.

Future CRNAs

Preparing for interview season? Want an in-depth review of pharmacology and pathophysiology taught by CRNAs? Join for comprehensive admission season preparation, including four lectures covering CRNA school selection, personal statements, CRNA school program structure, and CRNA school interview prep.

Nursing Students

Interested in critical care? Nursing school does not provide the information you need to succeed as a new grad critical care nurse. Join Confident Care Academy to get a head start. As always, students get 50% off.

Nurse Educators

Confident Care Academy is a comprehensive resource for nurses and nurse educators alike. CEU status pending approval, check back for updates and bulk purchase information.

Confident Care Academy Membership Sneak Peek

About Chrissy and Anna

Chrissy Massaro has been a CRNA for 6 years. During that time, she served as the clinical site coordinator for SRNAs at the University of Pennsylvania. She is passionate about cardiac and OB anesthesia. Her ICU background was in the HVICU at the University of Pennsylvania. 

Anna Jobe is a second-year SRNA. Her ICU training was in the CVSICU at Johns Hopkins and she spent 2 years as a CVICU and COVID ICU travel nurse.

Both Chrissy and Anna have a passion for critical care education & nurse empowerment and from that, Confident Care Academy was born. 

Embrace confidence in your critical care journey as a nurse, fueling your education and striving for excellence. Let your unwavering belief in yourself inspire trust, comfort and profound impact on the lives of those you care for.

Student Testimonials

“I'm in my new grad CVICU residency, and as a part of it, I was able to watch a surgery. I asked about the indications for retrograde versus anterograde cardioplegia, and the anesthesiologist was pleasantly surprised that I've done my homework. All of the lectures (but definitely the cardiac ones) have seriously helped give me a foundation to grow from. It's been a hard transition and someways because I'm a new, RN, but I think it would have been so much worse without CCA."
-CCA Member
“Baby ICU nurse her and I finally joined CCA. I LOVE y'alls report lecture and imposter syndrome talk so much. I can't wait to catch up more. You feel like the safe, ICU big sisters I currently don't have. Thank you!
-CCA Member
"Not a question but I JUST FOUND OUT I GOT INTO CRNA SCHOOL!!! I've been following you for a while and you both have been so inspirational and helpful and I couldn't have done this without you both of CCA! Thank you so much and can't wait to watch your video on CRNA school loans!!"
-CCA Member

Our Blog

Whether you have questions about critical care, travel nursing, CRNA school, or nursing *in general,*–there’s something for everyone on the Confident Care Academy blog. 

Blog posts are inspired by the Confident Care Academy Podcast, and both the podcast and the blog will always be free.

Growing Thick Skin

Do you have a designated crying closet… or have you? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Especially as a new grad nurse, it is emotionally demanding and having a place to gather your thoughts is essential. 

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Myth of the Level One Trauma Center

Do you need to work in a level one trauma center to get into CRNA school? MOST ASKED QUESTION EVER. 

Let’s break it down and answer the question once and for all. Hint – forward this blog to all your besties.

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